Heater for a Hotel

Putting a heating appliance outside might seem like a wild idea, but it is not under certain circumstances. People routinely build fires and are warmed by the infrared heat even while most of the heat rises and escapes into the night. An electric heater that provides radiative warmth to bystanders might be more efficient than a fire and a great relief to those who are cold. 

An even more efficient use of an outdoor garden heater is to use it to warm a greenhouse or a gazebo. A greenhouse is usually completely enclosed to trap warmth from the sun. Sometimes solar heating is not enough to keep the temperature steady through the night, and an outdoor heater might provide greater temperature control. Some people have barrels of water in their greenhouse, but this only slows down the cooling process.

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As for use in a gazebo, an outdoor heater is efficient because it is caught and retain by the fabric. The gazebo does not have to be airtight like a greenhouse, but the more air that is trapped, the warmer the space will be. A fabric gazebo usually has closing fabric doors with an optional screen. While the screen is porous enough to allow some air to escape, it is much less than if sitting in open air.

An outdoor heater is inappropriate in a tent because of the small size of the tent as well as the capacity of a propane heater to consume oxygen. A gazebo is very different from a tent. It has a lot of clearance and is high enough for people to stand. The fabric is much thicker and so is less susceptible to catching fire or easily warping. A propane heater should be relatively safe in a gazebo, and an electric heater is safer.

This setup can be great for people who want an outdoor living room, but it really can be a benefit for people who have outdoor plants. Potted plants can be brought into a sheltered spaced and kept away from frost. The formation of frost is actually caused by infrared radiation away from the plant, and leaves can freeze at night even when the air temperature is above freezing.

A space heater for the outdoors can solve so many problems and create a great deal of comfort. It is a great alternative to a fire because it provides efficient warmth without any smoke. It is much safer than an open flame and can be easily adjusted with a knob.